We need you and want you! The band boosters have a history of tremendous family support.  We welcome volunteer support throughout the entire program.  It takes a huge amount of volunteers and a lot of money to run this program at a competitive level.  However small or large the job may be, the spirit of teamwork is most important.

Here is a list of some common volunteer opportunities for family members.  If you can help at all with any of these, please send an email to the corresponding email address.  Your time and willingness to help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Marching Band Uniform Help –  uniforms@harrisonbands.org
-Assisting with uniform fittings, or washing and care

Winter Fruit Sale help –  fruitsale@harrisonbands.org

Plant Sale help (Fall and Spring) –  plantsale@harrisonbands.org

Water Crewchaperone@harrisonbands.org
- Fill Coolers with water bottles and ice before Football Games

Equipment Crewequipment@harrisonbands.org
-Transporting equipment to and from venues for performances

Spiritwear sales/ordering -  spiritwear@harrisonbands.org

Night of Jazz help nightofjazz@harrisonbands.org

Chaperones for Band Events & Rehearsals - chaperone@harrisonbands.org

Website/E-blast volunteers –  infotech@harrisonbands.org
-Assist with editing weekly eblast and uploading forms and new data to website

Fundraising help - fundraising@harrisonbands.org
-Assist with existing fundraisers and finding new opportunities

Percussion/Night of Necessary Noise help –  percussion@harrisonbands.org

Concert Wear Fitting help concertattire@harrisonbands.org

Pops in the Park help –  popsinthepark@harrisonbands.org

Corporate Sponsorship helpcorporatesponsors@harrisonands.org
-Soliciting and communicating with corporate sponsors,  tracking of  existing corporate sponsors, assisting with promotions of corporate sponsors. 

Public Relations/Social Media help –  pr@harrisonbands.org
-Assisting with Facebook/Twitter/Instagram updates, promoting events to public and band families, sending  PR updates to eblast and website staff

Flag sewing/guard costume helpguard@harrisonbands.org

Electronics/Paint Recycling: recycling@harrisonbands.org
-Recruit student volunteers, work the recycling collection events

Scrip help –  scrip@harrisonbands.org
-Working the Scrip table on Tuesday nights at the school collecting orders and entering into computer

Restaurant Spirit Nights –  fundraising@harrisonbands.org
-identify new opportunities for restaurant events, create posts for social media and eblast, follow up with restaurants for band proceeds

Chick-fil-A Mini-camp and 5th Quarter Mealsevents@harrisonbands.org
-Assist with Chick-fil-A orders, picking up and distributing meals during fall marching season

Band Meals & Eventsevents@harrisonbands.org
-Assist with collecting meal orders, picking up supplies and serving meals at band events
-Assist with setup and cleanup for events

Football Parking helpfootballparking@harrisonbands.org
-Assist with directing parking  before  home football games for family who have purchased the band football season parking