Since its inception in 1991, The Harrison Band program has had a positive impact on thousands of students. The program continues to evolve due to the hard work of all of the students who were a part of the program and continued to strive to make the Harrison Bands the best they could be. Please take a moment to fill out the Alumni Contact Form so we can send you an occasional newsletter (via email) so you can stay informed of the great happenings of the band program that you help to make so successful.


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Let us know what is going on in your life.  We love to keep up with our alumni!  Please send us news about yourself for our annual Alumni Newsletter (TBA).
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(Financial Assistance for Needy Students)

FANS of the Harrison Bands is the non-profit foundation supporting excellence in music education.  The purpose of the foundation is to provide alumni, alumni parents, and friends of the Harrison Band Community an opportunity to donate or participate in revenue building ventures to provide scholarship and enrichment to benefit the students of the Harrison Band program.


David W. Vandewalker Scholarship Fund

David and Pamela Vandewalker have donated the initial scholarship funding for two scholarships that support the goal and vision of Mr. Vandewalker’s sixteen years of service with the Harrison Band program.

Vandewalker Scholarship Click Here for Details