Harrison’s Bands – Sudler Flag Of Honor (2006)


In 2006, the Harrison High School Band received the Sudler Flag of Honor. The Sudler Flag is an International Award recognizing High School Concert Bands of Outstanding Musical Excellence and a comprehensive band program.  The Harrison Band program is one of less than 60 programs internationally to receive the honor from 1983-2006.

The purpose of the award is to identify, recognize and honor high school band programs internationally that have demonstrated particularly significant high standards of excellence in concert activities over a period of several years (minimum of seven years).

To be eligible, the band must have achieved and maintained a high standard of excellence in the concert area over a period of several years and present an archival documentation of the diversity and quality in performance achievement.

The concert band will have placed itself in situations where there has been opportunity for evaluation by qualified persons or has been rated “superior” at state, regional, or national levels in concert activities.

The band program must offer its participants a complete and balanced program of musical activities including concert, solo, ensemble, and marching areas.

The band should have performed at regional, state, national, and professional meetings of significance. These can include but are not limited to state music conventions, regional or national MENC meetings, and state or national band association conventions.

The director must have been incumbent in his/her position for at least seven years, including the current year.  A number of the students in the band should have participated in district and all-state honor bands or similar all-area groups.

The Sudler Shield: an International Award Recognizing High School, Youth and International Marching Bands of World Class Excellence

The purpose of the Sudler Shield is to recognize and support international standards of excellence in a marching band’s musical performance, marching execution, choreography and show design.

The Harrison Marching Band is a four-time Sudler Shield Nominee!

For more information about the Sudler Flag of Honor or the Sudler Shield, please visit the John Philip Sousa Foundation web site and click on the “Projects and Awards” link.